About us

Our vision as “your best boujee beach friend” is to bring to you handpicked, beautiful and precious products, you can wear at the beach, by the pool or just whenever you want to feel in the holiday mood! Carefully selected by our founders, each piece was chosen with love and reflect the boujee lifestyle you want to live by ! From beach to evening, from relaxing to partying, our collections are designed for all your ventures and all your moods… Add that glitter, take this trip, follow your passion and live to the fullest… wearing what you truly deserve to shine your way through life ✨ be bold, be beautiful, Be…Bellaplage.

Share it with your friends or be it your glam secret, we are the best kept gossip that will make you look fabulous xoxo.

Our story

Bellaplage was founded by two best friends enjoying a boujee lifestyle. Marilyne and Natalia share the same passion for beach life and wanted to create unique pieces that can elevate your beach to bar experience. Natalia is Italian with an eye for design and all things that shine, and Marilyne is French and enjoys everything that is elegant and exudes laid back luxury. Their friendship for more than 10 years took them to some of the best beach club destinations in the world which made them realise the need for bold beachwear pieces that can complement their lifestyle.

And here comes Bella (beautiful in Italian) Plage (beach in French), your best boujee beach friends bringing you the very best in fashion beachwear.